Genesis 2 VA1. I know for a fact it's not the power or A/V cable because I tried them with a different Genesis 2 and all the games played flawlessly. I cleaned the heck out of both the cartridges and the pin connector. I'm getting 5 VDC coming out of the 7805. There are no obvious signs of damage to the board like leaking caps or broken traces though I supposed there could be hairline cracks in the vias or solder joints. I have yet to go through the painstaking process of checking all my caps. I have a feeling one of the ICs is bad.

So the only cart that seems to somewhat work is my 240p Test Suite cart. Seems fine for the most part but there's sone weird buzzing sound there. Sonic 1 gets to the "Sonic Team Presents" screen and then a garbled red picture with Japanese characters comes up. In Aladdin, after I pass the license screen, a flashing red screen comes up with a black rectangle in the middle. Another game (I forget which) there's a blue screen with a bunch of random codes that look like Game Genie codes and the word emulator at the top. With most of the games I can elsee the license screen but that it goes to a black picture with no sound.

Wondering if maybe my pin connector is too loose. Like if the test suite cartridge is new, maybe theyre using a thicker PCB so it's making better contact? I might look into this