I dont claim to be a professional electronics repairman so I won't rule out an improper re-capping job on my part but I did make sure the polarities were correct and that the legs were all stuck to the pads. This really wasnt an easy job.

I bought the GG from a guy who said it didnt work and needed new caps. I did verify this when I opened it up and saw electrolyte spilled on the PCB and most of the caps tested bad. So I ordered the cap kit from console5.com and finished the recapping last night.

Now, before I did the recapping, I'd turn the power on while connected to an A/C adapter and thered be no screen and no sound, red light would fade away right away. Now after the recapping, the red light stays on, I get sound, and really bright screen, but the picture is just a bunch of red and white lines. Known good batteries arent working on it either. No screen, red light or anything.

I think my DC jack may be bad because Im getting only 6.8 VDC off the DC jack. I poked around on the power daughterboard and this was the highest voltage I was finding anywhere on it, other spots showed between 4 and 5.

So I think it is entirely possible that multiple components are bad especially if I saw a decent amount of electrolyte spilled out, which I did clean by the way.

Barring a bad cap job, I am assuming I should try a new DC jack?

Also, what multimeter do you guys use? I have a cheapo no name one I bought from Harbor Freight for a few bucks. Apparently those arent the most accurate.