For some time my PCE Duo-R has a problem where BGM/music playback just stops during gameplay. This is exclusive to CD games; all audio works perfectly with HuCard games. There are no apparent problems playing CD games though. I haven't put a lot of time into a CD game lately but I've never experienced a failure to actually play. If the game needs to load and play a new track for BGM it will kick in but eventually it will suddenly stop. It is somewhat random/unpredictable when the BGM suddenly disappears.

Where should I begin to determine what needs repair? Should I just replace the capacitors? I've noticed some others talking about adjusting potentiometers as well? Where can I find documentation on these things based on what I should do next?

I've also seen someone speak of an eBay seller, turbografxfan who sells repair services. While I have done some initial practice work with a soldering iron and wick assembling a digital LCD clock (DIY kit, about 12cm long) I will need to review what work is in store for recapping a Duo-R before deciding to install caps myself or purchase professional-grade repair labour.

Lastly any tips on identifying cold solder joints? I used to think there was an issue with the A/V cable connector but last play, the console did great so I'm not sure. Probably just multimeter-based testing. I need a new multimeter that can actually identify continuity. Thanks for any tips/docs!