Hey guys, hoping someone can shed some wisdom on me. I purchased a Sega 32x the other day, and I'm having some trouble getting it to work correctly.

Now I should start off by saying i do not have a pass through cable at the moment, however I've read online that it should show atleast the 32x part of the game with audio correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Here's what's happening. When the composite video cable (I've tried 2 different composite and 1 RF cable, all with same results) is plugged into the 32x Video Output, I'm only getting a black-and-white garbled picture of the game playing with no audio when using 32x games.

However if I plug the AV cable directly into the back of the Genesis system itself (using two different model 2's), the picture looks great. It's in full color with stereo sound, the only thing missing is the 32x graphics.

I've opened up the 32x, cleaned and re-seated the 2 ribbon cables on each end, but still no dice. There is some rust on the RF shielding inside the unit, but the board itself is clean.

Is this all because I don't have the pass-through cable and I'm a dumb ass? 😄 Or is there actually something wrong with my 32x?

Any help would be much appreciated!