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Thread: TMNT collection announced

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    So far my multiplayer experience has been not very good. I have played with my brother a few times and have not been able to finish a session yet without the game freezing and him getting kicked. Still awesome collection, but I hope they can get the multiplayer fixed.

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    I'm not really a fan of these dime a dozen beat em ups on offer and even then it's like, here's TMNT The Arcade Game, here's TMNT Turtles in Time, here's a bunch of other worse iterations and eight versions of the fighting game each version worse than the SNES version. I'm getting it once it's $20 because I do like TMNT and the first one on NES especially, but the only reason it's such a popular beat em up series is the coat of paint has some turtles on it. There's some other coats of paint that are as good throughout history as the genre has barely went anywhere other than the rare quality game here and there, but hey, it's turtles. HYPE!!

    I'd rather overpay for ignoring and later on finding out how fun of a beat em up Fight N Rage is than getting this collection at all. Basically, overrated beat em ups are overrated.
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    After (regrettably) buying this on sale over the weekend, I just now noticed you can earn every single achievement/trophy in the game in about 5 minutes just by watching those speedrun videos they have on the menu.

    Wow, how pathetic is that?
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