i was just wondering if its possible to use a switch in docked mode with only a pro controller or something similar out of the box

the reason i ask is because i have a switch lite but when things settle down in my life i wanted to be able to play some games "console style" since some games dont do well portable. i was thinking of buying a broken but working switch, no joy cons or any thing and just use it with a dock i sourced on offer up (waiting for a response, $20 seems reasonable for a dock) and get a pro controller or some aftermarket controller because i think thats part of my problem. I dont like the joy cons, too small, and i thought a switch lite with a grip case would help but there are some games i have a hard time with again because its kinda small. Bloodstained as an example, i have a really hard time with but other games like animal crossing or any of the super mario games i dont have any problem, or any new problems. I say new problems because in SM 3d world i've always had a problem with the depth and under estimating where my character is in relation to some of the platforms, even happened on Wii U, although not as bad because of the bigger screen

any way, like i say i figured i'd get one with a broken screen or a bad battery or something but still works on a dock, maybe even gut it take the bad parts out and make it permanently console, maybe add some better cooling and i hear you can over clock some of these. so a tinker project as well as a cost saving measure.