i kinda want a retro computer, like win95/98 era to play pre direct x games on, but i didnt want another big honkin tower so i looked to go smaller.

so i wound up with two single board computers (sbc). Ones a pentium 133 (i think) with 30 pin SIMMs on it (wish it was 72 pin) and the other has a celeron (socket 370) and some DIMMs on it.
the pentium might be socket 5 which is kinda a bummer but maybe not.

anyway they both use a 16 bit ISA slot for expansion plus a standard called PC/104 which is, in this case, a weird ide looking connector thats basically tapped into the ISA bus directly.

i'm tryting to find either a ISA backplane or a PC/104 ISA adapter so i can build a small retro PC, i'd only need a backplane with 2 or 3 slots on it. basically for a sound card and/or some other oddball cards i come across.
i can run these SBCs on their own, they have disk controllers and video chips onboard. its not much longer than the ISA slot it self but i'd really like to find something to mount it to.

any one have any thoughts?

i've checked ebay and local e-waste recyclers. craigs list and offer up from time to time but nothings popped...