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    Default RE: Colecovision controllers

    😎Just some musings on controllers, not selling or anything. These are my spares as I have only a single Colecovision console with the controllers connected, not sure I've tested all but good to have. Oddly I love the look more of the ADAM controllers for the color even though I don't have an ADAM they are also in the best condition. Also, if that like a ferrite magnet thing I am pointing to on the Adam controller cord? I've seen such things on various controllers and power adaptors over the years, what do they do? Is it for grounding purposes? Were they always on ADAM controllers? I've never seen them on any regular Colecovision controllers. Lastly, I have this Suncom controller for Colecovision, the cord is not in the greatest shape and it's pretty worn over all but I think it works last time I tested. They made a few of these type of touch controllers, it's not like a Intellivision Disc, I think it's just like a membrane over some circuity where just a slight touch registers movement, some people hate these type for any console however I don't find them too bad once you get use to them though they are not as accurate for 4 way movement for like say a maze game like mousetrap or Ladybug but they can be cool for game that require diagonal movement as well. I think it may be somewhat rare at least I never see them much.

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    Huh, I didn't know Suncom made one of those touch controllers for the Colecovision. I actually have a "Power Stick" controller and a Super Action Controller. Neither one feels particularly good to use, but they're better than the standard issue "doorknob" controller in my opinion. I think I have a QuickShot controller somewhere, but by the time I bought it my Colecovision had died. I have five Colecovisions, only one of them worked the first time I turned on, and that only lasted a few months before croaking. Bizarrely, the only way I can reliably play Colecovision games is by playing them on a Dina 2-in-1 Coleco/SG-1000 clone system, and that thing plays horribly and has different controller pin-outs. But at least it works (last time I checked).

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    that lump on the cord is a ferrite choke, its to cut down on EMI
    its called by other names too...

    that suncom controller might be a better option than the standard ones in my book. i wonder if they made an intellivision model as i dont have any coleco consoles. i like the intellivision but i hate the disc

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