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Thread: Remasters and a rash of short production runs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fpbrush View Post
    Did not know MP got a remaster on Switch. Was it a limited time only sorta thing?
    You can still find it. Don't rush out and buy it on Ebay, Nintendo is going to keep reprinting it at low numbers like they do everything that they want people to feel like it's going to be rare and buy multiple copies because of it. They'll keep printing it but once the game stops selling they'll stop reprinting it so you may as well pick it up next time you see it. It's not going to go down in price, it's a Nintendo game after all.

    It's out of stock at Amazon right now but you can get it from Walmart and Best Buy right now.

    It's not a remaster in The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword sense, it's like Crisis Core or Crash Bandicoot where it's the same game but completely upgraded graphically.

    So now. Where's that Phantasy Star Online Remastered Sega?
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