But that is the thing. Will you/me last forever?

Have you ever been to the hospital and the "Doctor/Physician" Literally told you
A. Some crude remark at your intellegence for not understanding a chart.
B. Try make you take the cheap path instead of the expensive costing surgery paid by your insurance.
C. Lied/Avoid telling you the origin of your _______ medical part. I mean literally dodge you?

We all have seen, been to a funeral and have seen the aftermath, and your solution is to sell the corpse that is "currently working" right now?

I am not saying it is bad. I am saying a person ( like another random person who is not me at this moment ) is going to head on over and get one of these. In fact I had a dream.....cast.

"Segata-Sanshiro-Saturn-V" A SEGA Saturn with
A. built in Changable storage.
B. Can play blu-ray and HD-DVD with no region block, including DVD
C. Can play original Dreamcast games, PS1-PS3, Wii
D. Most importantly you can load cartridges via the memory slot ( which is still a memory/save option ).
E. Sega 32X and Genesis,
F. With optional MSX, Sega Master System, gameboy or SNES/SFC adapter
G. Kalleria inside for netplay

And it all comes with a free Game-maker type game making kit that is super-simplier then drag and drop, with pre-made engines which could run on SEGA SATURN.

The promotion would literally have

Yuji Nanka + Segata Sanshrio + and the founder of the system and they all eat hot-dog and make stereotypical Japonesey commentary. The promotion could also feature a group of Models in SEGA uniforms ( trational Service game quality )

It would hard blue and pure bleach white looking system, And feature light-gun support with Wii infared or some special connector.

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What on earth are you even going on about here? Your post is so incoherent that I don't know what to make of it, but I suggest you read the "Don't be a Misanthrope" section of the FAQ.
Sweet deal but IDK still. For me ( right now ). I have my Backing up and the official PC-Engine. If that messes up I might as well use a back-up ( which I suggest everybody to do because horrors have happen ).