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    Default The 7th Guest VR

    The 7th Guest VR brings back characters like Martine Burden, Brian Dutton, Edward & Elinor Knox and others. Time to discover who is The 7th guest. A TECHNICAL BENCHMARK Immerse into a visceral & haunting VR story. Told through innovative and cutting-edge ghostly volumetric video capture with 3D live-action graphics and exquisite performances.

    The new version of The 7th Guest is playable in VR and will stay true to the original game's storyline and puzzle-focused gameplay, its creators say.

    The 7th Guest VR is a virtual-reality reimagining of the interactive mystery puzzle adventure that helped revolutionize PC gaming.

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    Now that's the way to update an old game. It's kind of shocking that nobody's tried remaking it before this, especially in VR.

    I wish I could use VR - I've always wanted to play virtual reality games since the early '90s, but now that technology has caught up with our expectations I've gotten too old to enjoy it. Now it's instant motion sickness. People have been making really interesting stuff in the Doom II engine for the Oculus, like the Legend of Zelda VR or Zombies Ate My Neighbors VR. It makes me wonder what other games could be ported into the Doom VR game engine.

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