Mario has the same stats as in the original SMB3.
Luigi can jump higher than anyone else.
Toad (with mushroom) can kick objects with the B button.
Princess Toadstool (small, super, fire, raccoon) has the ability to float/hover.
SRAM saving to keep your progress.
Player can save their progress at the overworld as well.
Players can now wall-jump, similar to how it's done in recent Mario games.
Players can now ground pound, similar to recent Mario games.
Smash through bricks and enemies with the Hammer Suit while in your shell.
Hold Down+B to charge your P meter. When P meter is full, release the B button but keep holding the Down button down. You can even jump while spinning by holding Down.
Re-enter cleared #-# stages, and mini castles.
Cleared #-# stages will be white, indicating you can reenter it. Mini castles will have a flag in the front, showing you can reenter it.
The ROM hack works with real-hardware.
And more.
Source and download hyperlink: https://gbatemp.net/threads/super-ma...o-smb3.622306/