I dont know about you guys but i've been doing this a while and i have quite a few console duplicates.
i think i have 12 NESs, 4 of which are complete, 8 SNES 2 complete, 2 SNESjr, 20+ PSX, maybe a dozen N64s. generally if its not an uber rare console i have more than one unless if its a colecovision or 7800, i cant seem to get my hands on one of them.

But with the advent of FPGA based systems is it time to unload these spares?

i'm not asking about what to do with my personal collection, i'm sure some of you have a stack of spare systems hanging out some where, this is more just a:

what do you think? when it comes to your own stuff.

its really a case by case thing, some people might be building a bunker, others just happened to find systems for super cheap in the past