Hello everyone,

Last year I had a very serious surgery and needed months of recovery in bed. I decided to get back into gaming after many years of not really having as much time. I bought a Playstation 5 digital edition, the playstation+ subscription and a few new to me games that I've always wanted to play like Fallout 4. Well it turns out the new game just don't appeal to me as much as my old favorites. I don't know how to describe it other than games have gotten so complicated and convoluted and frankly I don't have to patience to spend 3 days learning how to play a game. I chose playstation because I played so much PS 1 & 2, and a little bit of playstation 3. I played those old games from the PS network and had a blast. So all in all, I've decided that the new games are just not for me and return back to my last console which was the PS3. I have a few questions and wanted to ask for your advice:

1) Am I crazy?

2) If I downloaded some games on my PS5 that were actually PS3 or PS2 games like Fallout 3, Final Fantasy X, etc.. would those be on my account and playable on the PS3 or does the virtual library cut off at PS4?

3) Would I be better off with a PS4? Maybe in my opinion but if all I'm going to do is play PS3 and below then I'm not really interested in spending more

4) can I play PS2 games on the PS3. Not the actual disks because I know that requires very specific models, but a virtual purchase? I can't seem to find the PS3 virtual library, it all defaults to PS4/5.

Thank you so much for your guidance