So i was all set to get a PS5 after the slim down. i was going to get a disc version because of well, reasons that should be obvious to most any one on this message board how ever i found it strange when leaked pictures of boxes show that internet is required to register the detachable disc drive on the version that comes with it.


Is it not 2023?

I thought we had figured out that letting people service their own stuff and not keybonding drives and consoles together was a better thing for everyone. Is this not the case any more or is it 2003 again?
If its 2003 again i need to go warn my self not to do things and buy some bitcoin and other stocks before its too late.
I was all set to run down and grab one when i saw one but i am now thinking no. This will be a problem when it comes time to repair. not a IF but a WHEN it needs to be repaired. Sure that might be 20 years from now but again most people on here should understand that people keep consoles a looonnngg ass time some times. I still have my childhood systems, and systems older than me.

I think until then i'll just stick with what i got or until they reverse course as this will be a right to repair issue and its wholly un needed in this day and age.

does any one see a reason for this other than to be ass holes wanting more monies?