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Thread: Remakes that are more like Demakes

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    Default Remakes that are more like Demakes

    I know somebodies product not my business, but I am a type of consumer. However I often
    find myself making the choice to step-back

    I have a problem with censorship. From sitcoms that airs a pilot and then
    changes wardrobes entirely to suite specific viewers, to media completely
    commiting or pretending that never happen. To usage of profanity
    to make something boring interesting.

    We as consumers could SJW this and make threads, send letters, and
    contact these people ( because that is what SJW do and why our media is being
    censored ) in order to preserve the media we enjoy. Not just "Okay when it gets
    released again you could be the first to purchase" mentality.

    Dragon Crown etc edition - Censorship to art
    Crash Bandicoot - They port perfectly on Tablets but the remake is a big no.
    Crash Bandicoot 4 - not a remake but some of the lines should not be presented. They turned bleh into a girl and bleh dressed like Storm in X-men whatever.
    FF7 - Aeris looks like somebody you loved twenty or more years ago and now got ugh face.
    In fact in Japan they talked about making it law to allow people to marry illustrations. Not new Aeris.
    The lack there off scenes in the R&R club. Barrets hairstyle again ( whatever ).
    RE3 - New Jill ugh
    Bioshock II port/ideal version etc - The candles is lesser quality among other tid-bits
    Zelda OOT - Green blood, Mirror shield missing, chanting gone.
    Zelda : Wild Part II - The gardener does less then what she did in the previous game.
    They made the game take-place before anything else and used time-travel to justify everything.
    RE4 EU port - Censored on release.
    RE4 remake - Censored words, censored outfits, bad voice acting
    Metroid Prime - ice cannon is not proper in Wii version, later versions have ugh targeting display/hud
    Mario RPG - animations missing, the typelogo, word box is not there, etc.
    Dead Cells - somehow put Castlevania inside of it. Like that Omusha game with cross-overs.

    Pokemon Electric Pikachu - Censored 3-4 times. From outfits, to body-augmentations. The horror continue. Can not find a decent anything of this anymore. Just censored censored censored.


    It is like what the Captain from Giligans Island: THe movie said
    "The skirts was below the knees before we left, then they went up above the tighs,
    and went back down when we came back home"

    I am not being nostalgic, I am just pointing out how they keep censoring.
    People keep consuming. It is like how "Punisher" arcade was missing
    sprites, ( like the kidnapping victims in the kingpin lair ).

    It is not even a 80's ending world. It is like some informercial that you was
    tricked into purchasing. Now you made that purchase you must be happy
    no matter what dispite you finding out "stuff was removed". It is not
    "It is what it is".

    Take "sexy-Jesus". Now they show him with a clean-cut-beard,
    trimmed hair, or "Superman" and "Batman" no-more tights but shorts. Why?

    This kind of method of thinking is making it's way into videogames.
    Same reason why we have no "Megas XLR" and ben-ten got glory that led
    nowhere and present no logic whatsoever.
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