Ok, I recently won this little gem....


As it states, it comes with a voltage adapter. The power supply from the Super CD-ROM 2 and/or Core Grafx II is 100 volt. The voltage adapter is for 110 volt. I haven't tried the system yet, but the seller, who is from the US, says it will work. Being new to collecting import systems, I never knew the Japanese used a different voltage than the US. I thought that was just Euro thing. I already have a NEO-GEO CD unit from Japan that plays fine without an adpater. I've also seen people sell other pc engines, supergrafx, pc duos in the US on ebay without a voltage adapter. My questions are:

1.) Are there different units within the pc engine line that might take different ac adapters? such as units for use in japan vs units for use in australia or thailand?

2.) If I can use a voltage adapter, can I just go out and find a diiferent ac adapter that would satisfy the 110 volt requirement? for instance going to radio shack or finding one on ebay and use that instead of the adapter? I just don't like the idea of using the adapter, part of it is because its made for use in japan (the writing is in japanese!) which doesn't make much sense - why use a 110 volt adapter in japan if the voltage in outlets are already set to 100 volt?

Not being electrical proficient, any help is greatly appreciated.