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SNES: Final Fight

The graphics and sound are pretty good, but there isn't any fourth stage, Rolento's missing, there is no two-player action ( ) AND WHERE THE @#$% IS GUY?!?!?!?!?
Thats actually a quote I stole from the thread about bad acarde translations, I didn't want to hijack that thread...

It's comments like this that always make me think, I wish that there would come a day, when all the release titles for a console would be RE-Programmed and RE-Released as the system is dying just to show you what they've learned about the hardware.

think about some of the final game released for the SNES (hell even some of the middle era ones) they were huge in byte size and some had some pretty incredible graphics, sound, game depth and gameplay.
If they could make Donkey Kong Country (sorry for the cliched example) run well on the SNES did they really have to cut out characters and levels from a game as simple as Final Fight?

Even if you look at the the MK series on Genesis, on Mortal Kombat 3 they had all 14 characters, Just about all the voices, everybodys Fatality, Babailty, animality,all the backgrounds, kombat codes, Galaga, etc, etc... if they could squeeze all that onto a cart and have the system process it fine, was it really nesecarry to make so many audio, graphical and gameplay cuts to MK1?

Imagine if Super Mario Bros on the NES had been designed with the same quality graphics and sound that the later Mario Is Missing and Mario's Time Machine games had.

This list goes on and on...

Alex Kidd