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Thread: FS: Genesis Systems, Genesis Games, and Saturn Games

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    Default FS: Genesis Systems, Genesis Games, and Saturn Games

    It appears that the governments of the world came up with the extraordinary solution of spraying our out atmosphere with what is know as CHEMTRAILS with a cocktail of very very fine particulates of barium, aluminium and other unknown agents.

    To create a space shield around our whole planet. A space shield that would block these aliens life forms from entering our lower atmosphere.

    I could now try to prove to you that CHEMTRAILS are real but I do not need to do that..

    There is an overwhelming amount of documented proof available on the Internet and you can go to a video site and search for 'CHEMTRAILS' videos to see for yourself.

    In this photo series below I photographed a second sun and I can not explain what that is.. Some say it is Planet X, Nibiru, The terminator, and many other names that are given to it.

    So now we have skies that in the sunlight appear almost white from the CHEMTRAILS particulates. You see these very fine particulates get lit up by the sun and have turned our clear dark blue skies into a very pale blue sky.

    You might ask why is it that we can still see the stars at night if we are far from any cities light source.

    That is because the sun is not lighting up these fine particulates and blocking your view. The moon appears to have little effect at lighting up these particulates.

    As far as the CHEMTRAILS goes and why it is being done.

    There are many other speculations.. Such as chemical seeds to lower the worlds population. Which may also be very possible..There is proof that there definitely is an agenda by the New World Order to eliminate most of us.. Please read my article entitled 'They want you dead is written in stone"

    I have written about the world depopulation agenda in many of my other articles.

    Operating out of the the UN World Health Organization and their CODEX alimentarious program.

    I assure you it is very real.

    Another possibility for the CHEMTRAILS or another included possibility is that the aluminium and barium metal particulates is to facilitate the H.A.A.R.P. Program which was a technology from the inventor Nikola Tesla

    HAARP is very real and can and does control weather and creates earthquake. The fine metal particulates fascilitates their ability to bounce their microwave beams off our ionosphere and target any location on earth with pinpoint accuracy thanks to portable on land GPS coordinate gathering equipment, where an individual with a small hand held unit enters the coordinates of the desired target. And also with the use of the very sophisticated satellites.

    Watch this amazing video of HAARP at work, be sure to watch till end and then check out the videos in the side bar..


    I suspect that the Hubble telescope was intended for this purpose and possibly to observe this on coming planet x.

    I told you you would never forget reading this article..

    So are you going to look up at the sky now?
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    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, dosen't go away"

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