I know I am going to get hate messages for this but...

As a former subscriber I need to speak my mind. But where to begin lets try the lastness of the issues. When I dropped mine the last 2 issues came 4 then 5 months apart. At one time I though Russ Perry dropped it all, then it came and knew he hadn't. But still this lastness of issues is getting just plain crazy. I learned recently from the message boards at Atari Age at least 1 subscriber waited 10 months. But still he insists on keeping that by mothly banner I can't remember the last time that happend. I once suggested to him to stop that, it would put less pressure on himself, but not he told me it would continue.

The quality; I admit when Tim Duarte was running things the quality was always first rate. Information in each and every single issue was always up to date. Okay I'll give you when Russ took over at first the quality was a bit shakie but he did manage to build it back up. But the last 2 or 3 years he had missed so much. The lastest computer software which contained classic titles. The homebuilts like the Cuttlecart which I did not even know about
until I joined this forum and there are hundreds of other things which I have either heard or read about in magazines or on this or other classic gamer sites.
I am sorry but as the old saying goes your a day late and a dollar short.

The big problem I see that Russ Perry assumes way to much. Biggest example I could give is the playbin software which as a Starpath owner I wished I knew about for I am not paying someone $50 for what I could do myself practially for free.

I wish I wasn't saying this but given all that has happend in recent years maybe it is time for the 2600 Connection to have a new editor or give that classic game newsletter a decent burial.