So I was shopping through some electronic stores yesterday and I thought when looking at the GBA section:" WTF?"

I mean can anyone tell me why the GBA has some games that only "should" fit to non-portable consoles.
GBA has ports of:

Silent Scope (A Snipergame for a handheld.huh? Yeah it's a pretty good conversion but why the heck don't they (konami I think) release it for GC instead/too? Noone can tell me that it would sell less on GC than on GBA!)

Britneys Dance Beat (Why? I guess it would sell better on GC too!)

Max Payne

Jet Set Radio

Virtual Tennis (why no GC port?)

and several fishing games

Is it so much cheaper to produce a GBA game/port?
Why don't they just port games like "Silent Scope" to GC (like they did with PS2)? NOOOOO,it's better making a GBA port and draw this game new with (harder to create)bitmap graphics!!


your thoughts please