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Thread: Super Smash Bros Melee NOT FOR RESALE

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    Default Super Smash Bros Melee NOT FOR RESALE

    I just came across a copy of Super Smash Bros Melee at GameStop that had "Not For Resale" printed across the front of the box.

    Was this just a copy from Nintendo's free game promotion last year?

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    Well, I have several first party Nintendo display boxes that also contain "not for resale" on the front. These boxes where issued empty as promotional tools by Nintendo. They were meant for display to add hype far before the game was released. I know that gamestop and KB toy locations recieved them, maybe more distributers. It is very possibly that a normal copy of the game ended up in one of these boxes. It is also possible that gamestop used one of these old boxes to make an otherwise loose copy of the game, complete for sale.
    This is highly possible because as you very well know at locations such as gamestop and KB toys, they never put the real games out on the floor. They put out empty boxes, or displays such as this one, on the floor and keep the real stuff behind the desk. Sometimes when you buy the "last copy" or the "display copy" of a certain game, they end up being sold in these display-promo boxes. We used to do that all the time when I worked at KB. I'd hold onto it though, it may not be anything special now, but five or six years down the road they may be worth something. They arent rare in the slightest, but the words "not for resale" are just the right kinda words to make collectors salavate on ebay, which is good news for your pocketbook.
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