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Thread: Introduce Someone Else!

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    Default Introduce Someone Else!

    Yes, we mostly have introductions by ourselves. How about some introductions for other people we know on the board?

    For example:

    Smartest guy in Maine (not saying much)
    People in my area would have rednecks, but it snows too much
    Can outdrink all other Colecovision collectors combined
    Lives with Mom
    Punkoff is my girlfriend
    Hell on a skateboard
    Stereo equipment whore
    Only need Colecovision Dragonfire complete
    Excuse me while I get another Bergie

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    Okay, cool idea.....I'll do ChadTower

    Knows how to fight -- don't mess with him.
    Busy guy but still finds times for games.
    Has a very impressive and diverse collection.
    Needs more space in his house for stuff, BADLY!
    Not afraid to look like a fool playing DDR (something I'd never be caught dead doing.....)
    Has kids to pass down his gaming love to, bless his heart.
    "Four o'clock and all is well.....wish I was in bed, Sir."
    -- Guard in the Imperial City, Oblivion

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