One of my greatest memories of growing up was spending endless hours in front of my TV, typing in the BASIC programs from magazines for my TI994A, and then my C64.

I always felt a sense of accomplishment when I got done, and the game worked correctly.

And such a tedious task when something went wrong.

One thing I've noticed (maybe I'm not looking hard enough) is that there seem to be very few people who are trying to preserve this aspect of classic computing.

You see a lot of people collecting old Nintendo Power mags, but how many people still have old Computes, Ahoy!, Family Computing etc. mags around?.

I guess what I want out of this thread is discussion about favorite programming magazines / books, favorite programs, and anything else you can remember about type in programs. And especially places where these programs are available today.

I had every issue of Family / Family & Home Office / Home Office computing from issue #1, until the issue that they removed the programs. Probably typed in over 200 programs from those... I loved some of the Compute books that I got from my 3rd grade book fair (love to find those again). And I always regret never getting the chance to type in "Hotfoot" from Ahoy!

I also remember a bok I had that I bought that tried to introdce Machine Language...I never got the hang of that one

Somewhere at COSI, there is a C64 programmers manual that I WANT!! But recent changes have made that book go missing

Again, share