I have always been curious about this...as I have found this dilemna frustrating as all hell. Realistically, I don't have the money, space, or even desire to own multiple copies of IDENTICAL games, though on a different system. I know that some games have the same title but are totally different, some have an extra level or some feature that isn't in another version, some might have better graphics and sound but be identical otherwise, and some might be the same game but on totally different platforms that aren't even comparable (The Immortal - NES vs SNES, or Rainbow Six - PSX, N64, DREAMCAST......these are obviously going to be very different, as apposed to a SNES vs GENESIS or SATURN vs PLAYSTATION matchup). In these cases, I probably would want to buy several versions. But if they are the same, PREFERABLY NOT.

Any websites that point out such things. I hope there is, or wish there would be some.

I find this troubling for SNES/GENESIS and PLAYSTATION/SATURN matchups. Even when I reserved Mega Man Collection yesterday, I was hesistant because it's on both the GAMECUBE and PLAYSTATION2. Hopefully they will be identical, though I was told that the PS2 games have worse loading times than the GC, however the controller I KNOW is more like an NES controller than the GAMECUBE controller is (because you use the d-pad and not the joystick). It will be hard playing Mega Man with a joystick. I am not used to that. I ended up reserving the GAMECUBE version anyways becuase I don't own a PS2 yet but the store said I could change my mind when it is released and pick up a PS2 version instead if I wanted to. Got that t-shirt though I NEVER pre-order, but I liked this gimmick.