With the Duo and the Neo and the Nippon Ichi PS2 games taking up all my time, I've decided to switch gears and stick to US Saturn releases for now. I'm keeping my 4-in-1 just in case (it's a great mem card no matter what) but here goes all my imports. Here's the list:

Last Bronx (complete JP, has large price sticker on front of jewelcase)
Steamgear Mash (complete JP)
Geblockers (complete JP)
Galaxy Fight (complete JP)
Vampire Hunter (complete JP, no spine card)
XMen: Children of the Atom (complete JP, no spine card)
Virtua Fighter Remix (complete JP, no spine card)
Street Fighter Zero (complete w/spine card)
Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Limited (complete, no spine card, registration card included)
J-League Victory Goal (complete, no spine)
Advanced V.G. (complete, no spine card)
Bomberman Fight (complete w/ spine card)
Nonomura Byoin no Hitobito (complete w/spine card - hentai nurse sim)
Bakuretsu Hunters R (complete no spine, red label for nudity)

$110 shipped to the US, a few good RARE titles in there, all in great shape!


2 excellent condition US black Sega brand Arcade stick controllers. These things are BEASTS but they work excellently. $40 + shipping for the pair OR add to the above bundle and get free shipping!