This is my jobless sale. Hey, I’ve pretty much lost my job. Yeah. Have a heart, buy some things. :P
I have for sale 1 atari 2600 four switch model, with 1 atari 2600 "Brick stick" controller....and 2 games. 1 is a great condition video pinball with the manual. the other is a very odd q bert cart - i bought a q bert(Atari version - square cart) and the tabs were broken. so i took out the PCB and put it in an ADVENTURE cart casing(adventure had a bad PCB) and relabeled it. it works fine, i will include the original casing as well, this is basically a freebie because i hate to see a good PCB get tossed!!!! BUY IT!!!

Playstation – harvest moon – save the homeland case and manual! $4
Golden Axe: the duel case and manual – Saturn! $4 - i'll throw in the disc too, my saturn won't read it, it's been resurfaced, yours if you can kick it to life!
****INTEREST CHECK***Panzer dragoon saga box and manual, all three disc sleeves too. (fourth disc goes in tray inlay.) make me some offers……I may ebay this.

Snes boxes and manuals - $2/box, $2/manual, $4/set
Donkey kong country 3 box and manual
Stunt Race FX box and manual
Pocky & Rocky box
Final Fight 2 Box
Super R-type box
Sega Master system
Rambo First blood part 2 box and manual
Rescue mission box and manual
Alien syndrome box and manual
Atari 2600 – This Planet Sucks(packrat VG label) manual ONLY in bag $3
Saturn – case and manual – Uncracked…$4 for each set .will divide, $2/case $2/manual.
Soviet strike
Virtua Fighter 2
Norse By Norsewest: The return of the lost Vikings
Virtua Fighter jewel case and manual!

Note: I had some cracked cases and tossed the covers. So I have the case inserts and manuals for:
Daytona USA
$2/manual, $1/case insert, or if you want I’ll swap out a case from those above.

Saturn manuals $1
NHL 97

Sega Screams Vol.1 disc in sleeve $2
Sega Saturn Choice Cuts disc
Sub Pop Remix disc in sleeve $2

Atari 2600
Video Pinball – AND GAME. $2

SNES BOX AND MANUAL - $2/manual, $2/box, $4/set
Wario’s Woods
Super Bases Loaded
Rocko’s modern life
Bulls vs blazers - $2 for the set

SNES box only $2
Street fighter 2

Snes Manuals - $2
Super Mario World

1 n64 white box insert $1
road rash 64 poster $0.50

3 snes posters for $3, or $1 each
Game Boy/Game Boy Color
Manual Only - $2 each
Kirby’s Dream land
Wario Land 2 (Game Boy Color Version)
Game Boy Camera
Brown Pokemon TRAINERS GUIDE x2

Game boy/game boy color box/manual. $4/set/will divide $2/box $2/manual
Billy bob’s huntin’ and fishin’(eb sticker on front. Knock 50 cents off the box.)
2 game boy advance white box inserts, $1 each
2 game boy white box inserts, $1 each

Game Boy Advance - $1.50 box, $1.50 manual, $3/set
Banjo-Kazooie in Grunty’s Revenge
Mario Kart Super Circuit MANUAL ONLY
Contra Advance: Alien Wars EX
Super Monkey Ball JR
Wario Ware
Tetris Worlds
Wario Land 4
Splinter Cell
Medal of Honor: Infiltrator
Sonic Advance
Namco Museum

11 game boy precaution booklets. $0.25 each

Sega CD – Chuck Rock 2: Son of chuck – manual $2; Case-insert $1
Sega CD Ecco the dolphin game disc $1
Sega CD – cardboard double case for Sherlock Holmes and CD classics. $1, and I’ll throw in the jewel case backing for the 5-in-1 cd classics.

NES manuals - $2 each
Tetris(Nintendo version)
Zapper manual(orange version pictured)
Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt
NES precautions booklet

Sega Master System $2/box, $2/manual, $4/set
Hang-on/safari hunt
Thunder Blade
Black Belt
World Grand Prix
Great Golf
Reggie Jackson Baseball

Genesis - $2/box, $2/manual, $4/set
Ecco the Dolphin
Ecco:Tides of time
Bubba N Stix
Brutal: Paws of Fury
LHX Attack Chopper
Sonic 2
Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy’s Invention

Genesis – Earthworm jim – outer cardboard sleeve and manual; missing cart holder cardboard - $1 for the outer cardboard

Dreamcast - $3 for these box manual sets

Sega Bass Fishing
Sega Marine Fishing
$2 for these DC sets
Virtua Tennis
NBA 2k1
World Series Baseball 2k2
NFL 2k2

VHS tape for N64 game shark - How to hack like a pro video. $2.50
N64 dexdrive manual - $1

Turbografx-16 - Keith courage box and manual $1

Playstation 2 - $1.50 per case, $1.50 per manual. $3/set
Smuggler’s Run
Max Payne 2
James Bond: Agent Under fire
James Bond: Agent Under Fire(GH)
ATV Offroad fury(GH)
ATV Quad Power
ATV Offroad Fury 2
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
Medal Of Honor: Frontline MANUAL ONLY $2
Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun
Twisted Metal Black Online(Cardboard slipcase and manual)
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
War of the Monsters
NHL 2002 - $1 for the case AND manual since sports aren’t worth much
State Of Emergency
True Crime: Streets of L.A.
Midway Arcade Treasures
Splinter Cell
Silpheed: the lost planet
Red Dead Revolver

Max payne – GH case only - $1
adaptor start up disc manual - $1
MotoGP 2 manual - $1
DVD remote manual $1

Mark of Kri – loose. $1
ATV Offroad fury 2 – loose $1
NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 – still sealed, $2
Downhill domination – still sealed, $2
“Welcome to online gaming” $2

Xbox - $1.50/case, $1.50/manual, $3/set
Quantum Redshift
Serious Sam
Splinter Cell

GameCube - $1.50/box, $1.50/manual, $3/set
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Outlaw Golf
Wario World
WaveRace Bluestorm
Splinter Cell
Godzillaestroy all monsters!

Misc. Hardware – priced as marked
2 NES game sleeves – one official, one not, 50 cents each
2 snes end-cover – 50 cents
jittery atari padles no handles $0.50

N64 gameshark manual
PS1 dexdrive manual

Sega CD - Sewer Shark – game in jewel case with hacked-down manual. $1


Playstation – jewel case and manual; $1.50/case, $1.50/manual, $3/set
Medal of Honor
Road Rash 3D(GH)
Syphon Filter(NON-GH)

Xbox System Manual - $2
Snes system manual - $2
PS2 System Manual – $2
GBA SP system manual - $2
Game Boy Color system manual - $1

Xbox – December 2003 demo disc – from xbox magazine

32x - $2/box, $2/manual, $4/set

Mortal Kombat 2
36 holes starring fred couples

32x Manual only – toughman contest

Virtual boy – virtual league baseball box, manual, and virtual boy precautions. $1

Sega – Robocop vs terminator poster – HUGE, VIRGIN GAMES ads on back, $1.50
Posters from Nintendo power - $1.
1988 fold-out NP calendar - $2
“Pak Source” from 1990 – Info on all NES games at the time. $2
Giant SNES hookup guide with ads for games on the back - $1.50
Super Mario Bros 2 super power tip book parts 1 and 2 (both parts!) $4
Prima’s n64 pocket power guide - $1.
N64 100 power tips (from np 100 subscriber bonus) $1
CLASSIFIED INFORMATION booklet from NP – nes/game boy. $1
“Consumer guide strategies for Nintendo games” - $1
“An Adventure in tetris” Paper pullout from NP, clay pictures! $2
Misc Parts
1 official RF adapter part for N64/Cube – this is the part that plugs into the n64 or cube, that you then plug an RF into. $2.

Hi speed port cover(gb player port) for gamecube –Black. $1
Spacer ring for using 32x with a model 2 genesis - $3
6 sets – official SEGA genesis controller extension cable box and manual, 50 cents ea.
1 large plastic carry case for original game boy – looks like a giant original game boy. Removable inner plastic rack can hold Light Boy, Game Boy, AC, and eight games in plastic cases. $5

pm/post with offers! I need cash! no reasonable offer declined! Thanks all! and yes i am hunting for jobs! I put in three applications tonight