None of the prices include shipping, Paypal prefered but money orders also accepted.
May accept trades on certain thing!

Turbografix-16 with hook-ups (Sega brand RF though) 1 controller and Turbobooster (allows for you to use AV cables for better picture quality) aswell as keith courage complete for $40

Turbografix-16 with hook-ups one controller and keith courage(game and manual) $25

I also have the following games available:
Vigilante (complete) $10
Super volleyball (complete) $10
China Warrior (complete) $10
Takin' it to the hoop (complete) $10
Victory Run (complete) $10
Tv Sports Football (complete) $10
Tv Sports Hockey (complete) $10
Legendary Axe (complete)$15
Power Golf (complete) $10
World Class Baseball (complete) $10
Falcon (complete) $15
Final Lap Twin (card and sleeve only) $10
TV Sports Hockey (Card and sleeve only) $7

Shenmue II (new, outer plastic (around cardboard that held game and bonous discs) opened inner plastic (around game)still sealed $15

Dusty Diamonds All star softball (cart only) $25

NES Game LOT- $35
Sky Shark
Destination Earthstar
Silent serviceWayne Gretzky Hockey (end lable peeling)
Gunsmoke (Rental # on it)
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum (Rental # on it)
Golgo 13
Tochdown Fever (Rental #on it)