I need the money now so all of these items must be paid for ASAP with PayPal only (U.S. confirmed address only). Priority shipping is $5 no matter how many you buy. If you want insurance I will add it at the rate that the Post Office charges for the value of the items that you purchase.

Colecovision multicart (Dip Switch) - I think that there are 62 games on there that work SOLD

Boxed 5200 Masterplay Interface $85 (sorry no extra fire button)

5200 Repros
Super Pac-Man - $27 (rare label variation)
Asteroids - $24
Xevious - $24

2600 Repros
X-Man clear cartridge $30
Pepsi Invaders clear cartridge $30

2600 games originals
Stargunner (rarity 7) - $28
Communust Mutants From Space (NEW) $11
Suicide Mission (NEW) $11
Dragonstomper (NEW) $11
Killer Satellites (NEW) $11
or buy all 4 Supercharger games for $40

Turbo Grafx converter to play PC engine Hu Cards (NEW) $60

Gameshark 2 Version 2 with disk and memory card devise. I only used this a couple of times.$20

Please send me a private message if interested in any of these. I cannot accept money orders on these items as I need the money now. If you need a picture please send me your email address and I will send you one.