Ive taken out some of the things I sold. (updated again)

Ok Ive decided that i need to sell some of my stuff because i need the money so i can buy rare starfox items and anime :P


Winback covert ops for the N64 ---- just game

James Bond 007 original gameboy game --- game and box

Zelda 2 for nes-- Just game

Legend of Zelda for nes-- game and mini guide

GBA e-reader ----- ereader and promo pack that came with it

Zelda a link to the past snes mint game,box, guide

Mario paint for snes --- mint--- everything included

Soul calibur 2 for gamecube everything included

Phantasy Star Online ep 1 and 2 for gamecube*rare* --- everything included


Nintendo 64 VHS lauch tape

Hot newz 64 -- nsiders guide to N64 tape

SET of 4 Nintendo 64 school folders

RARE* Nintendo comics sneak preview comic


Perfect Dark Strategy guide

Nintendo POWER advance -- Premiere Issue - (i recieved it from nintendo power since im a subscriber)

Nintendo Power advance volume 2(issue 2)

--Anime DVDs--

GUNGRAVE ---- beyond the grave -- volume 1

Princess Mononoke


Payment Details

PM me for info on How much the items are or PM with a price your willing to pay.

I am only selling for cash/paypal **UNLESS** you have some Anime dvds that i like or if you have some rare STARFOX items or the competition cartrige*

I prefer Cash/Paypal

If you need pictures I have a digital camera but im warning you i suck with it.



Have a great day!!!!