Hi. Here's the list of some super-rare Atari 2600 games. I'm going to put them on ebay soon. But I thought I would give anyone-- who wants them- a chance to make an offer. You can make an offer right now. And if I accept it. Then it's a done deal. Serious iqueries only please.


Contact me at:
1) Stormshadown@netscape.net
2) nmarsh_us@yahoo.com

List of games:
1) Wall Ball (complete)(boxed)
2) Death Trap (complete)(boxed)
3) London Blitz (complete)(boxed)
4) Shuttle Orbiter (complete)(boxed)
5) Compumate (boxed)(PAL)
6) Ram it (boxed)(complete)
7) Aquaventure (prototype)(in protective case)
8) Color Bar Generator (in protective case)
9) Sinistar (prototype)(in case)
10) Journey/ Escape (prototype)
11) Crab Control (foreign issue only)
12) Room of Doom (complete)(boxed)
13) Multi-Cart (complete)(boxed)
14) Beat & Eat em' (complete)
15) Bachelor Party/Gigolo (complete)(boxed)
16) Bachelor Party/Burning Desire-(complete)(boxed)
17) Miner 2049er (complete)(boxed)
18) Pigs in Space (complete)(boxed)

Note: Some of the games are shrink-wrapped and factory new.

Condition: A lot of the games are emaculate.