Ok, this message is for all retro gamers. I have discovered a revolutionary technology that dramatically improves the sound of retro video games. Basically it revolutionizes the sound of all games that are in stereo. You know, the red and white plug? Normally video game systems will have a audio/video cable that has a red and white cable, along with the yellow cable for video. Or a S-Video cable for video. Well, for video game systems that are in stereo, with a red and white cable, you can dramatically improve that sound.

I'm talking totally freaking amazing! I heard people brag about it, but until I actually heard it myself, I couldn't freaking believe it. Absolutely amazing.

The technology is called Dolby Pro Logic IIx .

I'm not talking about Dolby Pro Logic II. I'm talking about IIx. This is a totally new processing technology that Dolby Laboratories has just come out with in the last year or so.

First Dolby had Dolby Surround sound. You might remember the first Jurassic Park for the Super Nintendo. This is one of the first games that I can remember that had Dolby Surround sound. Well, if you had a stereo reciever that featured Dolby Surround sound, then it was quite a treat when you first played Jurassic Park on the SNES. It was definitely a very huge improvement in video game sound. Then you had Dolby Pro-Logic. This was another big innovation that helped improve the sound of video games. Then with the Playstation 2, you had some games actually in DTS 5.1. With the XBOX, you got real time 5.1 decoding of Dolby Digital 5.1 With the Nintendo GameCube you got the first games encoded in Dolby Pro Logic II sound. This was pretty revolutionary in itself, because even without true 5.1 sound or a digital cable, you could get near 5.1 type sound from a regular red and white audio cable of the GameCube, as long as you had it hooked up to a stereo reciever that could decode the Pro Logic II information in that signal.

But as amazing as the GameCube's Pro Logic II is for non digital sound, Pro Logic IIx blows it out of the freaking water.

I'm talking a totally incredible thing here. You see, the GameCube games that are in Pro Logic II, have you to be programmed specially for the Pro Logic II sound. But Pro Logic IIx works on anything with a stereo signal.

Anything that has a red and white cable can benefit from the technology behind Pro Logic IIx. What is even better, is that if you actually have a 6.1 or 7.1 speaker setup, Pro Logic IIx will even convert the stereo sound to 6.1 or 7.1.!

It's totally freaking amazing. I could talk to you all day about the technology behind it, but the real proof is in the pudding. I'm telling you, if you have a Sega Saturn and Panzer Dragoon, then you have never heard the true potential of the sound of Panzer Dragoon, till you've heard it hooked up to a reciever with Dolby Pro Logic IIx. It basically transforms the regular sound of Panzer Dragoon into freaking Dolby Digital 5.1! I mean it really sounds that good. Just think about the best sound of any XBOX game in 5.1 . You know how good some of those XBOX games sound in 5.1, right? Well, just imagine a game like the original Sega Saturn's Panzer Dragoon with that sound?


I'm not playing around. I'm dead serious about this. So far, I've only really heard the Saturn with Pro Logic IIx, but I've been so freaking impressed with it, that I'm going to have to try all my two channel sound video game systems with this. I can imagine all PS1 games sounding just as amazing. As well as N64, Super Nintendo, Sega CD, Genesis, Turbografix, you name it. Any system that has a red and white cable on the audio/video output should see a dramatic improvement.

I played Vampire Savior on the Saturn and it was just as amazing. Incredible surround sound effects coming from all my back speakers. My Subwoofer just pumping away.


Now, you might be wondering, well what do I need to be able to experience this?

Well, the thing is, that you need a reciever that has the capabilities of Dolby Pro Logic IIx. Unfortunately this is a very new feature to Home Theater Recievers. It's only been around for about a year or so. So unless you have a brand new reciever, you would probably need to buy a new one. Also, even among very new recievers, very few of them actually have this. Soon, all new recievers will have it, but right now, it's hit and miss. But if you have a reciever that features Pro Logic IIx, then you are in luck. The next thing is you need at least a 5.1 speaker setup. 5 Speakers and 1 subwoofer. It's even better if you have a 6.1 setup or a 7.1 setup, in terms of speakers.

The reciever that I'm using is the Onkyo TX-SR502B. I got it from Circuit City for $221.99. It's a 6.1 reciever that can do all of the latest stuff. It can do Dolby Digital EX, it can do DTS ES, it can do all that crap. But most importantly, it can do Dolby Pro Logic IIx. I have a 6.1 speaker system hooked up to my Onkyo 502. I have my Saturn hooked up to it right now at the moment.

The sound that I get, while it is in Pro Logic IIx mode is just fantastic. It's more pronounced on some games than others. But it sounds good with all the games that I've tried so far. But Panzer Dragoon is just amazing. When I first heard it, I thought that Panzer had been redone in DTS ES 6.1 sound. I mean it really sounded like a DVD movie sounds.

Oh, by the way, on my Onkyo, it has several modes for Pro Logic IIx. One mode is Pro Logic IIx Movie, another is Pro Logic IIx Music, another is Pro Logic IIx Game.

Well, on my Onkyo, for some reason Pro Logic IIx Music sounds the best by far for the Saturn games that I have played.

Also, if you are a big fan of watching music videos on MTV, BET, VH1 and stuff like that, well Pro Logic IIx transforms that into an incredible experience as well. It's like listening to a SACD (Super Audio CD) or a DVD-Audio disk or something like that.

I was just watching MTV TRL a few minutes ago, and the sound was totally amazing.

I have read in various Home Theater message boards about people raving about Pro Logic IIx, and what it does for the sound of old movies and regular TV and stuff like that, and I actually got it for that, but I discovered that it's even more amazing with older video game systems.

You guys have gotta try this!!!!