Bunch of worthless ingrates converting perfectly good MVS carts into "AES" versions. Here you go:


Now my story. Last night I ran across this while checking out eBay just to see if there was anything worth taking note of; I know I can't spend money as I need to send what's in my account over to GaijinPunch, but I saw this up and immediately went crazy. A check at neo-geo.com and I had to wonder WHAT was up with the auction; no way somebody would list the US version that low!

I'm a great test taker, but oddly enough when eBaying I often put off reading the auction description carefully until late. Sure enough, it's a "conversion."

Screw that guy. It's a $55 cart that's been destroyed, had a shock box added ($20 maybe? I thought the case design was odd for that game), and had maybe $10 worth of work put into it in the cover and such.