In order to properly play games like "Rocky Boxing" and "Front Line," you have to plug in a Super Action Controller, simply because it has 4 buttons instead of 2.

Well, not wanting to put any extra wear and tear on the old ColecoVision (it was a pain getting it to run), and being a bit too lazy besides, I decided to modify one of the controllers.

Those two extra buttons on a Super Action Controller simply "press" 2 keypad buttons at the same time: 2 & 3, and 1 & 0.

Therefore, all you have to do is figure out what contact points in the controller (mine has 13) near the keypad does what.

It was 2 &6 and 9 & 11.

Using thin wire and a mini-switch from Radio Shack, which luckily allows 2 things to be switched at once, it's been done- flick the switch, and keypad buttons 1 and 3 act as the purple and blue buttons. Switch it back, and the keypad is returned to normal.

You wouldn't believe how much better Front Line and Rocky Boxing, as well as the fielding practice in Super Action Baseball, play now. It's nice being able to move AND throw grenades at the tanks, or to operate the third baseman. Must get used to using the defensive blocks, now...

In short, a nifty thing.

Have a nice weekend!