This year, I started to show new ColecoVision projects to video game fans like you and me during the CCJVQ meetings.

During the presentation, players was invited to try the following new coleco games and give their comments :
  1. Biplane by Gerry Brophy
  2. Caverns Rescue (aka Space Carverns) by Scott Huggins
  3. Gamepack#2 by Daniel Bienvenu
  4. Jeepers Creepers by Daniel Bienvenu
  5. Maze Mania by Mathieu Boyer
  6. Reversi by Daniel Bienvenu
  7. Santa's Gift Run by Dale Wick

The last CCJVQ meeting (nevember 20, 2004) was done in a video game store named "L'En-jeu Jr." in Montreal where new and old stuff coexist. My ColecoVision was pluged just beside a PS2 and a XBOX. Some guys that normal play only video games for the new consoles now wanted to play the ColecoVision games. They tried them all during more than two hours. Beleive me or not but this night the most popular game was not Halo 2 but Gamepack#2.