Ok I am finally getting the parts together to make the MAME machine I've been wanting. I'm now trying to work out the controls for everything. I have access to most controls - trigger joysticks, top button sticks, LS-30 rotaries, trackball, arkanoid spinner, Frontline style spinner (which acts as a joystick btw), Tron spinner, etc. I don't have a DOT spinner but pretty sure I can make the up/down part if needed.

I'm trying to come up with a list of which controls are must-haves on a control panel. Can anyone give me an idea of what they would consider mandatory and why? Any games I should keep in mind for unusual controls I may have missed? Not too worried about driving games and such right now as I'll probably build a seperate machine just for those later.

The cabinet I am using is a Desert Assault which is the same as a Simpsons/TMNT so I have a good-sized amount of real estate to play with.

Thanks for your thoughts on it.