On the special collectors edition of Madden 2005, they have the Genesis version of Madden '93. You go into special features and select the " Madden classic" version. They have a couple other versions on there as well. Under "Madden Retro" they have a early PS1 polygonal version. I'm not sure which specific PS1 madden it is. But it's one of the polygon ones. Then under "Madden Vintage" they have what I think is Madden '97 for the PS1, one of the last sprite based Madden games.

But the best thing about it, is that in all these versions, they have the current players in there. So it's pretty sweet to actually use the current players in these old versions of madden.

My all time favorite Madden game is Madden '93 for the Genesis. I actually think it's the best "pure" game of video game football available.

However, I must say that the version that they have on here isn't perfect. It's got some sound issues, and it just doesn't play quite the same without a Genesis 3 button classic controller.

So I would still highly advise that if you want to play the best game of video game football in history, that you should use a real genesis system with a 3 button classic Genesis controller.