All games are compleat unless noted

Ratiings on the condition are out of a 10 scale

MSR 8/10
Sega GT 9/10
Tokyko Xtreame racer 8/10
Jedi Power battles 8/10
Star wars Racer 7/10
Power Stone 7/10
Test Drive V rally 7/10
Sonic Shuffle 7/10
Crazy Taxi 7/10 ALL STAR
Crazy Taxi 2 6/10
Virtua Tennis 9.10 ALL STAR
Alien Front Online (NO MIC) 7/10
Toy commander 7/10
Conflict Zone 7/10
Maken X 8/10
EGG 9/10
Sega Marine Fishing 7/10
WFF Royal Rumble 6/10
Most of the 2k 2k1 2k2 sports games 6/10 to 9/10

Sonic Adventure (no manual)

I would like to Trade for other dreamcast games (I have 109 of the 248 so far) or Sell as a lot (Or just a few)

Let me know thanks