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Thread: Atari 5200 help

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    Default Atari 5200 help

    Hello all!
    I am trying to get an old Atari 5200 to work. I scored it cheap from someone who claimed the games turn on but will not start. knowing about the history of the controllers I figured that was the only thing wrong with it and gave him 10 bucks for the system, two paddles, and two games. I tried to refurbish the contollers but the games still wouldnt start. I figured I was doing something wrong. So I bought a supposedly working controller off Ebay and the games STILL wont start. So maybe it is the system?
    Do any of you know if the hardware will stop recognising controllers? If so do you know if it is an easy fix?
    Thank you all!

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    Possibly a bad POKEY or one of the 4052 chips. You could test the 4052 theory if there is a game that responds to inputs other than controller 1 at startup, but I'm not sure which one might. You could also open it up and swap 4052s around (if they're socketed). They're U9-U13.

    U9 should be the one that affects controller 1.

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