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Thread: Dead Gameboy cart and B/W genny 1???

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    Default Dead Gameboy cart and B/W genny 1???

    Howdy folks, some may know me from Atari Age. Anyways, here goes:

    I have a Zelda classic gameboy cart that will not play. I've cleaned it thoroughly and tried it on several systems but it only pulls up the 'Nintendo' boot up logo and even then the graphics are slightly scrambled. After that nothing happens. Any ideas would be appreciated. I've also opened it up- there doesn't appear to be any bad tracework.

    The other quandary of mine is a Genesis model 1 that will only play in black and white now. Tried composite and RF but neither makes a difference. Just suddenly stopped playing in color. I'd really like to get this one working again as it was one of the earlier models that didn't have a bios in it.

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    I've got an SNES that exhibits the same mystery B/W performance that your Genny does. Still don't know why. It's a very odd kind of malfunction.
    I wonder if the fault is in the RF out, or on the video part of the mainboard itself?
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