What PC Gamepads / Joysticks / Controllers do you use (If any), and which might you recommend?

I've had seemingly random success with Gravis Gamepads.

The first gamepad that I attempted to own was Gravis' classic white, dogbone-shaped 4 button gamepad (gameport). I simply could not configure Windows 95 to recognise that device when was connected to my system.

I later purchased a Playstation-style 10 button Gravis Destroyer (USB model) for use with my newer (USB equipped) system, but returned it since the d-pad wouldn't input properly.

I finially found success in a black, SNES style 6 button Gravis Destroyer (gameport) which features 4 main action buttons and two triggers which provide 'turbo' functions for buttons 0 and 1.

Just yesterday I picked up an 11 (!) button gravis Xterminator (gameport), which is sweet since it not only works wonderfully, but its connection allows me to daisy-chain it with my Gravis Destroyer. The Xterminator resembles a Saturn gamepad with the addition of an analog stick, two flippers, and a POV 'hat.'

Some of you might wonder why I've stuck with Gravis products after those first few products failed to work for me. The reason is that Gravis controllers are supposedly well made and feature excellent compatability, whether you're using DOS, classic Windows, or NT/2K/XP.