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Thread: Arcade games and arcade conversions

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    Default Arcade games and arcade conversions

    Here's an incredibly interesting point for discussion..

    Anyone out there like an arcade game, but find they play a home conversion more often than the arcade game itself, or perhaps enjoy the conversion more than the arcade game?

    Nowadays, people can play the arcade originals on MAME, so it's not that surprising a question.

    My personal example - I prefer the Commodore 64 conversion of Bad Dudes v Dragon Ninja, but that's mainly because I'm better at it. Back in the day I finished the whole game on one life.. I am the sex. Don't ask how good I am at it now, though.

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    Psst, Steempy -- "ren" on over to this thread; we just did this last week.

    Arcade ports better than the originals

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