Like I said...dead make an games....but do keep shipping in mind though Also, if there's an individual game you want, feel free to make offers on that too, but I would rather sell it all at once. You'll get a better deal as a package overall anyways

genesis pack

loose: (gamers condition or better)

Super Monaco GP
Maximum Carnage
Batman Forever
Top Gear 2
Sub Terrania
Sonic 2
Atomic Runner
Pat Riley Basketball
Holyfield's Boxing

boxed: (all gamers/used condition)

-COBRA: Desert Attack Helicopter (cart, instructions, case"missing hang tab")

-Greatest Heavyweights (cart, case, manual)

-Bass Masters Classic (cardboard sleave, inside cart box, cart, manual)

NES package (loose..gamers/used)

Quattro Sports
Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates
The Three stooges
Disney's Adventures in the magic kingdom
Tecmo Baseball
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
To The Earth
Dr. Chaos
Mofat Conspiracy
Thrilla's Surfari

that's it...many loose carts are very nice, but a few are all is listed as gamers condition to avoid problems later. Also many of the marks on these games can be removed with a big pink eraser. I just don't feel like cleaning them all up. So, here they are.

I have plenty of feedback under cossackred on ebay and NGT over on the boards if you want to check it out. Paypal immediate payments only required.