I have a lot of sealed vintage PC games all sealed but one. Here is what I have:

Les Manley Search for the King
Micro league Wrestling(WF Wrestling with the Hulkster!)
Revenge of Defender
Heroes of the 357th
Heart of China
The Gold of the Aztecs
Oils Well(opened at top, tear on front, excellent shape)
Rocket Ranger(Amiga version)
Ishido Way of Stones
Golden Oldies(American Software Toolworks, including Adventure, Eliza, Life, Pong)rare?
ABC wide world of Sports Boxing

I also have a sealed Quest for Clues III hint book sealed strategy guide for games like Hillsfar, Deja Vu II, Police Quest, Battletech, Heroes Quest, Starflight, Wizardry V and many more. I would love for this stuff to find a great home.

Make offer or send your trade list, I am looking for alot of things!