Here's an example of the ads for the Xbox 360 they've been showing. A bunch of black people jumping rope, and for the last second or two at the end, an Xbox 360 logo pops up and it says "Jump In".

Now, what the hell is up with this commercial? How is anyone who's never heard of it going to know it's a fucking game system? And why are people jumping rope for 99% of the commercial instead of the system actually being shown?! Why not show the Xbox 360's interface, the controller, some games being played with flashy graphics, and, more importantly, at the end: A picture of the system. Its logo. The release date. And last, but not least, "video game entertainment system" or something there so people will actually know what the hell it is?!

Jesus Christ, I'm still in high school and I could come up with a better advertisement than these idiots who went to college and came up with these shit commercials.