I am debating on trading my 10 million model PSX for some unreleased PS1 protos. If anyone has some PS1 protos for trade, please pm me. I don't want games that were released in other territories (ie. Bedlam was scheduled for a US release and never came out but was released in Europe. I don't want that). I also don't want Bubble Bobble 2 (aka Bubble Symphony...sequel to Bubble Bobble w/Rainbow Islands), StarCon, Deuce, Thrill Kill or Madden 96 since I had/have all of those.

The 10 Mill psx is only the PSX, 10 mill joypad, power cable, and a/v cable. I am keeping the box. It's a silky blue PSX. Only 100 were supposedly made worldwide.

The last 10 million PSX went for $1500, just ask Kevincure.