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Quick questions?

2 Why is eb still taking preorders like there is a chance? I watch a guy yesterday take a preorder at eb for xbox games play and charge without telling the guy there is no way in the world he is getting one on launch day.
Usually when someone asks me if they can still preorder, I tell them the earliest we could get them a system is after January 1st 2006. Right off the bat, and just like that. Straight face and all.

Or at least I used to. Our EB stopped taking preorders like almost immediately after the cut. I suppose we could still take them, but I don't really see the point. After the holidays, everyone will be broke and hopefully sated somewhat. The xbox 360s will still be coming out, to the stores with preorders and whatnot, so finding them won't be "as impossible" as it will be between launch and December 24th.

Oh yeah, gepeto, unless you heard the entire conversation from greeting to the preorder to the farewell expression, don't assume they didn't mention that the preorder wouldn't be for launch. Or maybe it would. Maybe all of their preorders canceled. Maybe indeed!!