As I stated in another thread, the Messiah wireless NES controllers do not work with non-USA NES systems due to a slight difference in the controller circuitry between the systems. For some reason, Captain Yashiro made an inflamatory off-topic post, and the thread was locked. So to continue the discussion, I'd like to let everybody know about a modification that can be used to make the Messiah wireless NES controllers compatible with non-USA NES systems. The credit for figuring this out goes to bunnyboy at NES Dev.

The mod involves soldering two new resistors onto the wireless controller receiver adaptor's circuit board:
1. remove the rubber pads on the bottom of the receiver
2. unscrew each screw that is under these pads
3. locate the solder points where the receiver's NES controller cable's 5 wires attach to the receiver's circuit board
4. solder a 1.5K resistor between the black and red wires' solder points
5. solder another 1.5K resistor between the yellow and red solder points
6. put everything back together and screw it up tight

Picture curteous of bunnyboy.