Well I have a bunch of stuff I want to sell if you want it all I will make you a great deal, make offers on pieces you may be interested in and pics will be up shortly.

#1 crystal xbox system with x3 ce and v1.0 mobo cases mint stock drive I will part case
#2 Sony PS2 with HD advance and 80 gig drive
#3 green halo LE case bottoms
#4 1 green halo LE case from and power eject button covers
#5 black halo LE jewel minty
#6 custom glow in the dark xbox jewel minty
#7 official crystal controllers I have 5 I believe
#8 3 stock hard drives
#9 tons of misc. parts I will be adding
#10 recent trade I got a crystal stock softmodded system mint condition unleash x dashboard stock drive
#11 x3 front switch I have 3
#12 controller s black case
#13 new duo x2 chip only!! I may have pinheaders also??? Not sure
#14 new nintendo 64 power supplys
#15 mountain dew xbox 360 hat from the evey10minutes winner prize
#16 arcade buttons all different colors
#17 empty arcade cabinets (ohio pick up only)
#18 arcade mame machine minus the PC

Pictures to come later today!!
I have more to add later I have arcade stuff and tons of other gaming stuff.

I am new here but have a great record on xbox-scene my refs there are:
Kev052683, DJLOBES, Marty4short ,WICKED EVIL_36,Bigbubba7373, truBB, lumpkin666, shutDown[swe] ! Alex548, findingnemos, ubernewb. maz57, Perplexer, BONG420, ARJUN, Vfreitas, BadNinja3, Rustmonkey, JTechLI !!! , Vasher, m court15, sickdimensions. sbmd, others but I am lazy.. and I forget... posted them in case youd want to contact them...
bst-scene under the same name "atomheartmother" also

On ebay many year with 98 positive feedback 100%