I need to get rid of this stuff.

As far as price, make an offer.

Please no "lowball" offers, I dont need to get rid of this stuff THAT bad.

For trades im looking for NES SMS and 2600 stuff primairily.

Feel free to make offers on any of it or all of it. Prices are negotiable.

Most of it I know works the rest I will test if there is any interest in it.

Paypal and money order only for payments

Controllers, wall warts, misc:

2600 -

3 Driving Controllers


GB Advance to Gamcube cable
Action Replay (Broken) comes with disc, "memory" card i also have the box not sure about the manual offhand


9v Power Supply

N64 -

VHS tape: 1080, Ken Griffy Jr Major League Baseball. Kobe Bryant NBA courside


3 Standard Brick controllers
Orange Zapper
2 Power Supply

PS1 -

Controller Extention Cable
Interact PS Arcade joystick


Light Phazer (missing end, had black tape on it) works

Super NES -

Power Pack

Games All are untested cause I have no way to test em


O- Overlay M- Manual


Bump N Jump 2 really beat up overlays (bos is "leaning" tape on flaps)
Burgertime OM (box is slightly squashed, tape on ends)
Hover Force M (Box is in Ok condition, tape on flaps) $15
Microsurgeon OM (box is in pretty good condition, tape on top flap
Pac Man M (top flap is torn up one box) $8
Utopia OM (Gatefold - Box is in really nice shape)
Vectron OM (box is in pretty good shape, tape on ends)

Loose- $1 each

Burgertime with ovelays
Demon Attack
Sharp Shot
Space Spartans


B-box M- manual

Both are in minty condition
Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle (BM) $8
Golden Axe II (BM) $6

Sega CD-

Willy Beamish (BM) Disc was re surfaced when I got it $8[/b]